What is the Electronic Communications Code?

The Electronic Communications Code is a set of rights designed to facilitate the installation and maintenance of electronic communications networks by simplifying planning procedures. The Code gives network providers rights to install and maintain network infrastructure – which supports broadband, mobile internet and telephones – on public and private land.

Under the Code, rights to access private land are often agreed between the operator and landowner. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the Code gives the operator the power to apply to the court for an order to dispense with the need for an agreement, while providing a financial award to the landowner.

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Is Speed Up Britain a party-political campaign?

Speed Up Britain is a non-partisan campaign which seeks to gather support across the political spectrum and beyond. The campaign is guided by four key principles:

  1. The belief that better mobile connectivity is fundamental to the future growth and prosperity of the UK.
  2. Support for the Government’s ambition to improve mobile connectivity through the roll-out of 5G and the Shared Rural Network.
  3. The belief that an effectively functioning Electronic Communications Code is critical, if the Government is to meet its stated objectives.
  4. Support for targeted reform to the Electronic Communications Code that achieves the Government’s aims to enable 5G and build digital Britain.

How can I support the campaign?

Contact your MP and ask them to support Speed Up Britain’s campaign for better mobile networks and reforms to the Electronic Communications Code. You can find who your local MP is here as well as their email address and Parliamentary and constituency address.